Recycle tip for plastic bags…

30 Nov

Recycle Used Plastic Bags (Even Ziploc Sandwich Bags)

Who knew? Plastic sandwich and kitchen storage bags can be recycled along with plastic shopping bags in supermarket recycling bins

Plastic storage bags may be easy and convenient, but they’re also disposable and wasteful. We often toss sandwich and freezer bags after using them only once, tossing those fossil fuel-derived plastics into landfills and incinerators. However, now we have the option of recycling these bags at any plastic bag-recycling bin, like those now found at many grocery stores and supermarkets. That’s right – those bins we all thought were for plastic shopping bags are good for other plastic bags, too, according to a Ziploc spokesman.

A recent partnership between Ziploc and RecycleBank means consumers can claim rewards for each Ziploc bag they recycle. RecycleBank rewards individuals for being green by assigning points for recycling and other actions. The points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards and discounted products, similar to the way the rewards systems work on many credit cards.

So, if you can’t reuse plastic storage bags, clean and dry them, then recycle them along with any other plastic bags you have cluttering up the kitchen in a supermarket recycling bin.

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29 Nov

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28 Nov

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Ready for a cruise! Go with DISNEY

27 Nov

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#Nutrisystem, FREE BMI score

26 Nov

Right after Thanksgiving you may not want to hop on a scale anymore than you want to know your BMI but if you’re looking to avoid gaining weight this holiday season, you want to do this!


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Healthy recipes post turkey day

25 Nov

Today you may be out shopping like crazy to get all the best deals and steals for the holidays, but once the turkey left overs are gone, what are your plans for cooking? Will you need a break from cooking? I think I’ll be looking for a few low calorie meals myself. Check out the link (image) below for some healthy AND affordable recipes.


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