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What’s your opinion?

28 Nov

Join the Ipsos i-Say Community and take surveys to earn points and redeem gift cards or cash.



Easy way to make extra $$

30 Jul

Inbox DollarsAre you looking for an easy way to make a little extra cash? You can take surveys, play games and more online and it’s FREE to sign up! Hope you take advantage of this deal with inbox dollars and make a little extra money today!

What do YOU think? *

22 May

I don’t know about you but our family can always use some extra $$. Couldn’t everyone?  I wanted to pass along this little tip of making some extra money via the internet. It’s super easy and doesn’t even take very long.

There’s a site called MyView where you can earn rewards by sharing your opinion. You take surveys and earn gift cards. Sounds pretty good if you ask me. =)  It only takes a few minutes to register and then you’ll be all set to make some $$.

Click the link above to join MyView today!

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