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Extreme Couponing on TLC

10 Apr

So last night I finally had the time to watch the new episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC. I definitely had a mix of emotions as I watched the show. As a beginner to using coupons, I felt like such a baby couponer, saving only maybe 11% of our grocery trip and not 95% of the total cost! I was amazed to see the costs well over several hundred dollars whittled away to $10 or even less.

I was hoping they would give more tips with how to make coupons work for the average person as well as following these extreme couponers, but it was still very neat to watch. When the show was over I felt inspired that I could definitely do more with my shopping/spending and and I was excited to find and use coupons. With our printer back up and running I was actually searching for coupons and printed a few before heading off to bed.

I know I need to start out small and have so much to learn but I can’t wait to save our family more money as I am able to make coupons work more for me as the days go by.  Who knows, maybe one day I too will be an extreme couponer!

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