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Fun & free game, plus enter to win cash & prizes

23 Jun

If you haven’t heard of Bejeweled, you need to try it out. It is a super easy and fun game and I remember playing this back in college. 🙂 Seriously, I remember wasting enjoying many an hour playing this game. With Bejeweled 2, you can now play to win cash & prizes. How cool is that? Check it out, you know you want to!

Sweepstakes Extravaganza!

12 May

Are you feeling lucky today? Head on over to Couponing for 4 for a great post on sweepstakes! She gives a HUGE list of sweepstakes you can enter as well as the very helpful dates of how long each one is going on for. Click here to check them out. I’ve entered several of them myself and am super excited. Let me know if you win! =)

And if you still can’t get enough of entering sweepstakes, then check out Sweetie Sweeps, a site dedicated to everything sweepstakes.

Good luck!

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