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Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Use the weather to your advantage

9 Aug

If you’re like me and not crazy about paying for a gym membership, today’s tip is for you!  Getting in shape doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Especially in the summer, there are lots of great ways to work out outside. Swimming being ideal for the summer, it’s an easy way to sneak in  a workout without too much effort – not to mention you don’t get sweaty in a pool! So take advantage of your weather and get out and get moving, for free!




And in case you do enjoy going to a gym and want to try a FREE 1 week membership to Curves, click the image below.


Tuesday Tips & Tricks *Print your coupons today before they’re gone!

31 May

Today, being the last day of the month is a great time to make sure you’ve printed all the coupons that are being offered in May. Tomorrow there will be a whole new bunch of coupons to print, but until then, make sure you’ve printed what you need before they’re gone. I’d recommend going to Coupons.com, Cellfire & Redplum to start. Links below for your convenience! (Click each image for printable coupons)

Tuesday Tips & Tricks – @ the Library

17 May

So with the school year ending and summer fast approaching, what better way to fill your time than to head on over to your local library. Our little guy is only 8 months old but we hit up our library every few weeks to grab a handful of new books and sometimes I get a movie for me and the hubby to watch. Using your local library’s resources is a great and FREE way to keep your kids (and you) entertained through the summer. It’s a place that appeals to all ages and most library’s offer summer reading programs and other events to keep your little ones busy.

Our library also has story time once a week that we enjoy attending. It’s a free event where we can socialize with other parents and the little guy can interact with other little kiddos.

What other fun cheap events do you do to keep your kids busy when school is out?

Tuesday Tips & Tricks – coupons

10 May

So, this may seem like another very common sense tip but before going grocery shopping I always like to go down my list and see what I don’t have a coupon for.  I will then take just a few minutes to search for a coupon online for whatever product I don’t have a coupon for. This week, I noticed that my husband was out of his daily vitamins and I did not have a coupon. So I popped on the computer, and all I did was google our brand of vitamins and sure enough the One A Day Vitamin site was offering coupons!  There are tons of places online to search for coupons and sometimes just googling the brand you’re looking for will come up with a coupon. Try this before you go grocery shopping next time and see what you find!

Don’t forget to search on facebook too since a lot of companies have coupons and offers on their fan pages!

Tuesdays Tips & Tricks

3 May

So today I wanted to write about different ways to use stale bread and I had a few good ideas, or so I thought, (croutons, bruschetta, etc.) but it seems that someone has written about this very idea rather brilliantly, so I’m going to direct you over to her site! Rebecca shares her 13 Ways to Use Stale Bread and just reading her article has me wanting to get my kitchen and start creating. 

One other aside because it’s pretty common sense but works well is to keep bread in the freezer until you need it. I love to buy fresh bread from our deli section, but it goes bad quickly if you don’t eat it all right away. Usually, I’ll buy rolls for a particular meal I’m making but since I know we’ll only use a few of them I pop the rest in the freezer in individual sandwich bags. This helps to avoid freezer burn and I reserve the very top of the freezer for bread/rolls so that they don’t get squished by the other items in the freezer. I’ve also started to freeze muffins, cookies, brownies and other freezer friendly items that are nice to take out in small quantities when you need them.

What sort of things are hanging out in your freezer?

And in case you still want to read more about what to do with your stale bread, check out some recipes here.

Tuesday tips & tricks

26 Apr

This weeks tip is easy and healthy for you too! Instead of buying non-stick cooking spray, you can just as easily make your own! Take whatever oil is your preference and put it in a spray bottle and voilà, you’re very own home-made cooking spray.

 If you can find a spray bottle that has a mist setting as well as a spray setting you’ll be even better off.

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