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Ways to Exercise when a gym membership isn’t an option

3 Apr

If you belong to a gym, you have a whole ton of equipment, classes, trainers and more available to you. But, if you don’t have the time to hit the gym, or just want to save a few bucks and skip the membership, here are a few ways to get in shape for free.

  1. Workout outside: When the weather is nice, what better place to be than outside? Take a walk, run, or stroll around your neighborhood and work off some calories. Have kiddos? Let them ride their bikes with you or push them in the stroller. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, sometimes it’s still nice to get out of the house and get your workout on.
  2. Housework makes great exercise: Yep, I said it! Double duty with this one. When I clean my house, I put on some good jams, my sneakers and I get cleanin’. It’s got to be done, so why not have fun doing it? Now this won’t get you in marathon shape, but it’ll kill two birds with one stone, and I know it always makes me feel super productive!
  3. Workout DVDs at home: I’ve been known to purchase exercise DVDs and be very enthusiastic for a few weeks and then my interest dwindles. So, a new, and much more cost-effective trick I’ve learned is to hit up our local library for DVDs. They have a whole rental section of work out DVDs – I try them a few times and then return them. If I’m really into it I’d buy it, but for me it’s more fun to try something new and doesn’t cost a thing. So far, I’ve tried salsa, yoga, baby yoga, and hula to name a few! =)
  4. Free weights: My husband likes to work out so we have a handful of free weights at home, but you could just as easily use household items for free weights as well.
  5. Exercise with baby: There are a lot of DVDs and books out there on how to exercise with baby. A lot of them use the baby as your weight (for squats, stomach exercises and more) and we’ve found them to be fun!
  6. Hang out with a friend & workout together: What better way to catch up with a friend than to take a stroll or run around the block. Instead of meeting for coffee, chat while exercising!

As an aside, I’m a big fan of the mini-workout as I like to call it. I try to sneak little workout moves into my daily routine so I don’t even feel like I’m working out. While playing with little man on the floor, I’ll get in a few push ups or crunches. When I heat up lunch in the microwave, I’ll do jumping jacks in the kitchen. And when my little man is cranky and needs a cuddle, we’ll dance a little in the living room, or I’ll do mini-squats while snuggling him. Even during our bedtime routine we lay on the floor and read a night-time book and I do leg lifts. =) Every little bit counts!

And just because I love to read up and get new ideas,here’s a link with a few more ideas/tips  from Good housekeeping.

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