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Advertise on a budget

16 May

Today I was featured on a friends site, Taylor Resources Writing where I shared tips of how to advertise your small business on a budget. It’s a fun little post with lots of helpful tips for your small business. You can check out the post here and read more about Tess Taylor here.

Thanks for letting me be a guest on your site Tess! =)

Tess is a seasoned web copywriter and careers expert who loves sharing new tips and ideas to help you make the best of all that content marketing can offer your business.

You can read more about her freelance writing business success story here. Tess is also a Wordcount Blogathon 2011 participant.

Guest post & coupon!

16 May

Today I’d like to share with you a guest post and an awesome website. The website is titled SwedeScenes and has tons of amazing photography. You can purchase a print as is, or you can contact the photographer and she will edit the photos to fit your request.

SwedeScene Memories

One of my favorite inexpensive things to do is sight see. When our three children were small we were stationed on the island of Terceira, Azores. On the weekends we would put the kids in the car, zoom across the island to the only large grocery store and buy a loaf of fresh crusty bread and a rotisserie chicken. Then off we would go to find the perfect picnic spot on the island. Sometimes it was along the beautiful coastline and other times it was at a picnic grounds in the interior of the island. I always had a picnic
basket stocked in the car with wipes, paper plates and napkins.  The kids loved being able to eat with their hands and not having to worry about silver ware. The rotisserie chicken just fell apart and made for a scrumptious lunch coupled with the fresh bread.

The moments we share with our children can only be wrapped up like this… Picnics are cheap, the memories are priceless!

It was during these outings that I discovered a love for photography. I enjoyed taking pictures of our children running through the
fields and playing along the volcanic rock coastline. For years I only had a small point and shoot camera. After two more duty stations and a nine month Digital Imaging course, I finally purchased my first digital DSLR camera. I quickly fell in love with taking shots of landscapes of the places we would visit. Venice was my first true inspiration. To this day, I still love the images I was able to create out of my original portraits. They adorn the walls of my living room and are a reminder of the beauty that we shared on that cold winter’s day.

Today we are lucky to be stationed back on the beautiful island of Terceira, and I have the opportunity to capture this lush landscape
once again. It was here that I realized I wanted to share my love of photography and digital imaging with the world. As a military spouse we have had the privilege of seeing so many beautiful places.

I invite you to visit my online store, browse the galleries and let me know what you think of my travels. If you see a print that inspires or delights you, feel free to purchase it and add to your collection. I wanted to create an affordable gallery that won’t break the bank.


As a token of my appreciation and our love of coupons, if you purchase between now and June 17th you can apply the coupon code “Spring2011” to receive 10% off of your order on all pictures and digital images.

Have a wonderful Spring day,

Chrisinda Swede

Thanks Chrisinda for this guest post!

If you’d like to know more about Chrisinda, go here to see her bio, or you can contact her if you have any questions.

For a sneak peek at her most recent work, check her out here, and here.


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