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Tuesday tips & tricks

5 Apr

On Tuesdays I’m going to suggest small tips & tricks that I’ve learned or read about that can help you to be more frugal.

This weeks tip is courtesy of Clark Howard, the money coach on CNN. One of his tips that he gave quite a while ago but has always stuck with me is how to save money by making your razors last longer. Most men & women use razors fairly frequently and they don’t usually last that long. One way that he suggests to make them last longer is to fully dry the razor after each use. He swears that you can do this with a disposable razor and keep it for years, yep, I said years.

Since hearing about this little trick from Clark I’ve started to dry my razor after each use and although I won’t keep it for years, it certainly expands its lifespan.

Check back next Tuesday for more handy tips & tricks!

And if you’d like to read more tips from Clark Howard, check him out here.

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