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Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Wash your own car!

5 Jul

This weeks tip is perfect for the summer. What better time to get some sun and exercise than by washing your car! My husband and I both really like a clean car so we take them to the car wash often to get nice and fabulous looking. But, as of late he’s been washing our cars, saving us a little extra $$ and I can enjoy a some outside time with my little guy as we watch him clean the cars. =)



(image of hubby & his other woman 😉 

 back in April, before our weather got crazy hot!)

Tuesday Tips & Tricks – Stick To A List!*

24 May

In my DBC (days before couponing), I used to go grocery shopping every week and buy things I knew we ran out of like milk and eggs, but I would often puruse through the store trying to decide what I felt like cooking/eating for the week and would come home with lots of random things. I’d buy some meat and a few veggies and ultimately I’d have to come back to the store later on in the week when I realized I only had half the ingredients for a meal I wanted to make. I also noticed I would often come home with $100 worth of groceries, but not have a clue what to make! It was so frustrating trying to figure out how I had bought so much food and yet it felt like I hadn’t.

So, my tip for today is to always make a grocery list and buy only what’s on it! Even if you don’t plan meals out ahead of time (which I do now), you can still make a list of the items you know you need and what you’d like to cook for the week. Often this will help eliminate the splurge purchases and spur of the moment “oh that looks good” buys. This will also help you focus on what to make for the week and buy accordingly.

Most weeks I sit down with the computer and maybe a cook book and decide a few things I’d like to make that week. I also take a peek in our freezer to see if I’d like to use items from in there. I’ll often have meat in the freezer, so I’ll plan a meal around that and buy veggies/sides to compliment it. I try to have about 5 meals in mind for the week and then I’m flexible as to what meal I cook when.  I also take stock of what’s in our fridge so that I can buy what I need in order to use up things that I know will go bad soon.

By making a flexible meal plan and having a grocery list it’s been so much easier to still spend the $100, but have a  clear idea as to what I want to cook for the week and spend our  money more wisely. It also helps me avoid the junk food and the splurges that I’d like to buy while I’m there. I hope the next time you shop for groceries you make a list and stick to it, you’ll be glad you did!

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