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Salad done right

4 Apr

I enjoy salad but I’m a little on the picky side. Time is limited some days and it’s so much easier to buy a bag of salad pre-made, add dressing and a few other items and voila, ready-made salad. But, I’ve found it to be much cheaper to buy the lettuce and build a salad instead of going the pre-made route. Don’t get me wrong, in a pinch, I’ll definitely use the prepared bag of lettuce/salad mix, but this is my new and more affordable preference! Especially since I’m home more now, I don’t mind taking a few minutes while little man is napping, just a little prep, and I can have just as quick a salad as if I had used the pre-made salad from a bag.

It’s probably a no brainer than already prepared food is more expensive since they’re taking the work out of our food, whether it be washing, cutting, and even arranging food in platters, I’d rather save a few and do it myself. I’ve found it to stay fresh longer too. Seems like we used to always have a bag of salad in some sort of decay in our fridge for when we needed a salad fast.

This week I bought a very beautiful head of romaine lettuce (above) – washed and chopped it up and put it in a Tupperware container. This will be enough lettuce for at least 3 salads, maybe 4 if we’re not having a salad as the full meal. I also prepped some carrots and put them in a separate container.  A few minutes of prep for the week means more pennies in the bank! Ta da!

Now, when I’m ready to make a salad I just need to add all the other good stuff and go from there. A few dollars savings and it’ll even stay fresh longer than most bag salads.

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