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My Points

12 Jun

You may remember me posting about something called MyPoints. In case you don’t, you can check out my older post, but in the mean time I wanted to share with you what I did with some of my points. I’ve been a member for several years now and slowly my points have added up over time. At the moment I have 2,001 points left available to be redeemed and in my MyPoints lifetime I have a total of 18,651 points! Oh and I just redeemed points for two lovely $20 gift cards. =)

The cool thing with with MyPoints is that it’s very easy to get points. You can get them any number of ways.  To name a few…shopping online, playing games online, completing surveys, signing up for deals, and even just by visiting websites that are sent to you via email. Heck, you can get points by creating a member profile. They even have a section on their site called Deals where they have coupons, daily deals, grocery coupons, and free trials to name a few.  Oh and you can’t forget the section on their site where they list out Easy Points. It can’t get much easier than that!

If you haven’t checked out MyPoints yet, you really should! It’s an easy way to get gift cards and other free stuff to stores you love!  And in case you want to check out some of the Rewards before signing up, go ahead, you’ll be surprised at the good stuff they have on there.

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