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Ways to save money when buying organic food

17 Aug

I found a great article I wanted to share that provided tips to save money when buying organic! The article, titled “5 Ways To Save Money on Organic Foods” gives pretty good tips to cut cost but still allow you to purchase the organic items you enjoy. See below for the tips or click the link above for the complete article. (Image is also taken from the article)




1. Search the Internet. Many organic food companies offer printable   coupons available on their Web sites.

2. Buy in bulk. Warehouse clubs are beginning to carry a wide variety of   eco-friendly household items (recycled paper towels, cleaning supplies) and organic food items; larger quantities up-front, mean bigger savings at the register. Consider buying the essentials you will always need: cold-pressed organic olive oil, recycled paper toilet tissue, a big bag of organic lemons (if you are planning to make freshly squeezed lemonade for a party, etc.).

3. Save money with store brands. Decades ago, supermarkets created “no-frills brands” that lacked expensive packaging, and passed the savings on to the consumer. These generic items were easily identifiable by their plain, black-and-white packaging. Today, supermarkets have evolved generic into store brands. These are high-quality, gourmet varieties of popular items like soy milk, chocolates, olive oil, canned beans, frozen   fruits and vegetables, and much more, often made from organic ingredients at lower prices. The store-brand organic soy milk I drink is actually cheaper than the lowest-priced regular milk!

4. Sign up for a free shopper’s-club savings card. Many supermarkets  have a bonus card program so they can collect valuable data on consumer   habits, helping them stock the stores with items their customers actually   buy. To reward your loyalty, they often offer discounts throughout   the store; these items frequently include the organic items, often at very   steep discounts. If you see a good deal, stock up.

5. Grow your own. One way to save on organic foods is to grow them yourself. Get several amazingly simple and effective tips in my video below on how to fertilize, control pests and kill weeds without chemicals. For more how-to’s like this, check out my new Gaiam DVD Simple Steps to a Greener Home.

Cut your grocery bill in HALF!

13 Aug

I would LOVE to cut my grocery bill in half! How about you? Click the image below for this offer from


The value of gold and the history behind it =)

5 Aug

I thought it would be interesting to share an article & ad for gold today. Two different things but both relating to gold. =)

I found an article online entitled “Gold still shining, but some say plunge possible” (<-click for full article) at the Chicago Tribune online. It was an interesting article that discussed the value of gold being the highest it’s been since 1980! Paragraph(s) directly from the article below:

Investors are feeling braver after hearing various companies, including IBM and Coca-Cola,
deliver reassuring earnings reports, and as President Barack
gave a nod to a deficit-reduction idea offered by a group of six
congressional leaders. It’s far from a done deal, but the prospect of a
political solution gave investors hope that the markets would be spared the
thrashing some expect if the nation’s debt ceiling isn’t lifted before Aug.

Apart from the political news and encouraging earnings reports, it is
not unusual for gold to take a breather after a huge surge, and gold’s recent
10-day climb has been the most powerful since 1980. Prior to Tuesday, the price
had swelled about 7 percent this month.

Cash4GoldDo you own any gold? Perhaps you’d like to trade in some of your old jewelry for cash? Click the image above if you’d like to see how much you can trade in your jewelery for! If you sign up today you’ll get a $100 bonus but this may not last long!

And just for fun, click here for the History of Gold

Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Eat cheap @ the beach

2 Aug

This weeks tip is about being at the beach (since that’s where I am this week!) My tip is how to eat cheap while at the beach. A lot of time when you go to the beach, especially the big, touristy type beaches, it’s very easy to eat local food whether it be pizza, sandwiches or other beach food. But a smart and easy way to save money would be to pack a picnic. Bring a cooler with lots of cold drinks and sandwiches, chips, last nights left overs, whatever you want really since you can bring it from home!

Where we’ll be staying at the beach we’ll be bringing down some snacks and probably going back to our room for lunch I would imagine. It’s within walking distance of the beach and super easy to do.

What do you usually do when you go to the beach?

*image is from a Modern Mom Parenting article titled “Safety Tips For Picnic Lunches At The Beach“. It’s a good read if you’d like to hop on over. =)

Saving time as well as money, making the most of your day

1 Aug

Some days I don’t feel like I’ve saved all that much money in my daily spending or whatever we’ve purchased as of late, but I like to think of other ways that I am saving and one of those ways is saving time. It’s usually just little things but I have a few ways that I try to be most efficient and use my time wisely during the day. Especially nap time, I really try to make the most of that hour (or 20 minutes depending on how good a nap day it is!)

I like to prep my salad items (like carrots peeled & chopped, and salad washed & chopped) so when I make hubby lunch it only takes me a few minutes to assemble. I also like to find other ways around the house to be more efficient.  Nap time is probably my most productive time because I can really concentrate on what I want to get done, but I’ve learned a few tricks to maximize that time.  Before I put him down for a nap I try to clean up all his toys and make the house as tidy as I can (with him following behind me making a mess of course), but I like to think of it as a few more minutes I’ve given myself during his nap that I don’t have to spend cleaning up.

During nap time I like to prepare things for dinner as well. Often times veggies need to be washed, chopped or measured. I really enjoy putting on some music in the kitchen and taking my time getting things ready. Then when it’s time for dinner and our little guy is hungry I have much less work to do and can often throw things together pretty quickly. On the good days when he naps twice I’ll often prep things in the morning (and get diapers on the line outside) and then the afternoon nap time is often “me” time. Whether it’s 10 minutes reading on the couch, making my nails presentable or just vegging on the computer, I try to decompress a bit before hubby comes home and it’s time to get dinner on the table, feed the little guy and get him ready for bed. It really helps me have that second wind and enough energy to get through the evening until bedtime.

I’ve also learned to do chores like laundry when my son is awake (instead of wasting precious nap time) because it’s a task I can complete while he’s playing on the floor next to me.  I do this for cleaning things too, if it’s just dishes and wiping off the kitchen counters I can do it while he’s awake, but vacuuming the house and cleaning bathrooms are usually done during nap time. I really find a lot of satisfaction in managing my time well, especially since I’m home all day I really like to have a plan and structure to our day. I’m definitely one of those people that makes lists upon lists and crossing/checking things off that list is so enjoyable.

How do you save time during the day? Do you have tips that help you maximize your free time?

Looking forward to reading your comments when I’m back from vacation!

How to make $$$ with your blog

27 Jul

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

I’m still pretty new to the world of making money with a blog but I’m willing to share the few tips I’ve learned so far! Firstly, there are a LOT of really great bloggers out there who have tons of resources and information to share with you! Check out a few of the blogs you read often and see if they have an affiliate page. A lot of blogs work with several affiliates and are willing to share with you which ones are the most user friendly and which ones bring in the most income on their site.

The image above is for one of the affiliates that I work with called MySavings Media. They’re super helpful, easy to work with and so far I’ve been really happy with the income. =) So, if you have a blog and want to make some money, click the image above to get started today. It doesn’t take very long to apply, just a one page form you fill out and then they’ll contact you with how to get things set up!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting other affiliates that I have worked with and would recommend.

If you’re looking for other ways to make money online, check out my Make $$ page!

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