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It’s not too late, CHEAP Halloween costumes here!

20 Oct

Well I finally made up my mind on a Halloween costume for our little guy. I don’t know why I was so picky about it since it’s only going to wear it for such a short amount of time but I wanted something that was cute but that he could walk in and of course, it had to suit his personality. I ended up going with a dragon costume. It’s absolutely adorable and has little detachable wings and tail and has a hat that has ears and what not. The hat was important since I don’t want him to be too chilly and the fact that some pieces are detachable means if he’s tripping over them I can always take them off.

CostumeExpress.comNow I can really get excited for Halloween since I’ve got my little guy a costume. I don’t think I’ll be wearing anything to compliment his dragon-status, but I may find a few orange accessories or some kitty ears for the evening. I’m SUPER excited that we’ll be in my hometown for Halloween so we’ll be able to trick or treat at my brothers houses this year!  If you haven’t found a Halloween costume yet, click the ad above for some pretty good deals. The prices are pretty low as we get closer to Halloween but order today because the good costumes are going fast!

Shop online & save! 20% off first purchase…

16 Oct

This is an interesting deal that I wanted to pass along. When you shop at, to buy all your home essentials you will receive great discounts and 20% off your first purchase. We live in a very small town so online shopping is often the only option for us (unless we want to drive 2 hours to a bigger city, which we do sometimes). But, online shopping can be great, especially when you can compare prices and get discounts like this one. Happy shopping!

How is your eye sight? I’m pretty blind!

14 Oct

If you’re like many of the bajillion people who wear glasses, you may know that the cost of them adds up, especially if you’re prone to loosing or breaking them. I mainly wear contacts these days, but I do like to have a pair of glasses around, to wear in the evenings or while traveling. But the funny thing is, I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts so long that I have almost forgotten how bad my eye sight really is! I wear my contacts from the time I get up until (usually) right before I get in bed so it kind of seems like my eye sight is fine. Until I have to get up in the middle of the night with a teething baby – then I have to reach for my glasses or risk putting my hand in a poopy diaper that I can’t see clearly in the dark! 🙂


But anyways,  I went to the eye doctor last week for my annual check up and thankfully my prescription stayed the same and my eye sight has not worsened in the last year. While I was pregnant, my eye sight was a little wonky, but after my little guy was born, my eyes went back to normal. If you’re looking for a good deal on glasses, click the image below. Oh, and happy Friday! =)


Halloween is SOON! Got to get a costume for my little guy!

3 Oct

I think I may have my little man be a dinosaur this year! I’m not 100% yet, but I’ve been going back and forth between a dinosaur or maybe just a big pumpkin. My son has big chubby cheeks (and legs, and arms, lol) so I really want to put him in something with a hood/hat. For practicality since it’ll probably be chilly out, but also to showcase his adorable cheeks. :o)

What will your kids be dressed up as this Halloween?

Is your iPhone broken?

25 Sep

If your iphone is broken, or you’ve gotten a new phone and don’t want to just chuck your old one, I’ve got a deal for you today!  Click the link below to trade in your old iPhone for CASH! =)


What’s In YOUR Wallet? Cash for your old iPhone! Click Here

If you wear glasses, this deal is for you!

23 Sep

I started wearing glasses when I was in high school, just to see the board and for distance, but as I got older and needed to wear them all the time I switched to contacts. That being said, I still wear my glasses in the evening and when my eyes need a break from wearing contacts all day long.

If you’ve never bought glasses before, you may be surprised at how expensive they can be, which is why I’m sharing this deal today for not one but TWO pairs of glasses for $99!


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