Hello there!

2 Nov

Hello friends!~ It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post on here every day and I hope to begin doing so again shortly! Me and my little man are visiting family while hubby is deployed and I originally thought I’d have tons of time on my hands that I could devote to blogging but things never go as planned of course!

We’re in NY for a bit and this weekend we had a HUGE storm and no power for 3 days. This meant me and my little man packed up all our things and headed to my brother’s house for several days. Lots of fun family time but cruddy weather, and no power wasn’t so great. Luckily they had a generator so we could survive comfortably enough.

  We hung out bundled at my parents house until we packed and went to my brother’s house. Little man ate his breakfast like this with fleece jacket, winter hat, and warm socks/shoes on! It was an adventurous few days but nice to hang out with my nieces.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me now that we have power again and my computer is cooperating. (It wouldn’t let me access WP for the last week, so only posts that I had already scheduled were published!)

Hope you all had a good Halloween!


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