Tuesday tips & tricks: Christmas shopping

4 Oct

One of my favorite seasons is fall and then of course there’s Christmas time! It seems like the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year…My tip for this Tuesday is related to Christmas! My husband and I like to get really fun and thoughtful gifts for friends and family but our budget doesn’t always allow us to buy all these fun things in just the month of December. So, what I like to do is usually around July, I start thinking about Christmas. I don’t do anything crazy, just keep it in the back of my mind when we’re out and shopping. That way when I stumble upon something that would be perfect for someone, I go ahead and pick it up and put it away until Christmas.

I also have a box in our linen closet where I keep all the gifts in one place, and a spreadsheet on the computer with who the item is for. (I also get crazy and put the cost in the spreadsheet so we know how much we’ve spent for the holidays). The spreadsheet is a super helpful tool to make sure that everyone is accounted for and that we haven’t forgotten anyone. :o) OH, one last thing, we like to save any big purchases, especially electronics for the day after Thanksgiving when things are often on sale or marked down.

How do you do your holiday shopping?

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