Do you cloth diaper? Do you want to? {Would you like to WIN FREE diapers/accessories?}

8 Sep

You may think people who cloth diaper are hippies, or gluttons for punishment with doing even more laundry than necessary, but if you’ve ever been curious about trying cloth diapers, or even if you’re interested in some great products for mom and baby, you have to check out a website called Everything Birth. The website has organic baby products, cloth diapers, accessories and birth supplies. You name it, this site has it!

They have deals and sales going on all the time, free shipping, and customer rewards. (You earn points per $ spent and then will get discounts on future purchases). Their customer service is awesome and their products are fabulous.

If you want to cloth diaper, but aren’t sure where to begin, I have a few suggestions – and they are just suggestions but this is what I did. Pick a brand (or two) and try them. I would suggest a pocket diaper or all in one diaper (AIO). They are pretty easy to do and user friendly.  You don’t have to buy the $300 package and get 12 diapers, how about starting out with just 2 or 3? I started out with some FuzziBunz and HappyHeiney diapers and was very happy with them. I would SUPER recommend the GroVia All In One diapers as the fit is trim, colors cute and they’re super easy. Snap on and snap off when dirty. The all in ones are the most similar to disposables and are grandparent (and hubby) friendly!

OH, and another cool thing about the EverythingBirth website, they have a giveaway EVERY WEEK! Click the link above and on the header you’ll see “FREE DIAPERS“. It takes 2 seconds to enter the giveaway and with them giving away something each week, your odds are pretty good of winning one!

If you have any diaper questions, feel free to post ’em, I’m no expert but I can tell you what has worked for me thus far!

One Response to “Do you cloth diaper? Do you want to? {Would you like to WIN FREE diapers/accessories?}”

  1. discountofficeitems promo September 30, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    “Everything Birth” is really useful website who has organic baby products, cloth diapers, accessories and birth supplies. Thanks for their product.

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