Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Tomorrow is another day

6 Sep

This weeks tip is more intangible, but I think it’s a good one. If you splurged on a big item today or maybe didn’t find enough coupons before your big shopping trip this week, don’t fret too much – tomorrow is another day and another chance to save big! There’s no point in beating yourself up over money you didn’t save and you can always start on a better note the next day. That doesn’t necessarily mean to splurge today and forget about it tomorrow, but just that there’s no point in beating yourself up over mistakes that you can’t go back and change.  I always end up doing this to myself if I didn’t have as many coupons as I wanted, or if I just splurged and bought what food looked good to me instead of just the items we needed. In the end I’m still saving our family a lot and doing what I can, I’m just my own worst critic at times. My goal is to always save us at least 10% of our grocery total with coupons, but some weeks it doesn’t happen and that’s okay.

So, think about your future – the possibilities are endless. Be positive and see what you can do today for the better. It may be saving small, but hey, pennies are my favorite way to save!

Good luck and have a great week!

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