Kale Chips: Recipe

1 Sep

So this past week I made kale chips. The recipe is fairly simple and you’re pretty much baking the kale until it’s nice and crispy and then it’s ready to eat. I chose to make 2 different varieties to see which we would like best. I made a savory chip as well as a sweet chip. (Raw kale picture below)

Ingredients: Fresh kale, salt, olive oil, and honey.


-Wash and dry kale

-Separate leafy part of kale from the hard center stem (either cut or rip away from the stem).

-Chop/rip kale into bite size pieces.

-Lay on a baking sheet, fairly spread out.

-Lightly pour olive oil over kale. (Just enough so the salt will stick to it)

-Season half the tray with salt.

-Season the other half of the tray with honey. (I just drizzled it over the kale a similar amount as I put of the olive oil)

-Bake 300 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until edges are just slightly brown and kale is crispy.

I would suggest watching the kale so it doesn’t burn. Some of the recipes I found online called for flipping the kale half way through which I did not do. (Kale ready to go in the oven)

The chips had an interesting taste but a LOT of crunch to them which I was surprised about. I’ve never cooked with kale and the smell wasn’t the best as they were baking but the taste was alright. I definitely enjoyed the sweet chips better than the savory ones, but both were edible and I felt like I was eating a healthy snack instead of fattening chips. I’m not sure how often I would make these since they did leave my tummy feeling bloaty and funny for the afternoon, but they were still pretty tasty.

Have you ever made kale chips?

2 Responses to “Kale Chips: Recipe”

  1. Graphoniac September 2, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    I’ve never even heard of kale chips! I have to try them now. I’ll add kale to the grocery list next week!

  2. baidu678 September 7, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Excellent read, thanks. Constantly looking out for unusual and great information to read

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