Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Cutting watermelon without the mess

30 Aug

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. Todays tip comes from another blog, unfortunately I can’t remember whose blog but I read this interesting tip somewhere online! Summer time and watermelon go hand in hand quite nicely but cutting up watermelon can get a little messy. If you’re like me, you plop your watermelon on a cutting board, cut it, and clean up when you’re done. Sometimes I get crazy and try to sop up some of the juice and pits with a paper towel half way through but I still usually end up with a sticky counter, floor, cutting board and whatever happens to be in the close vicinity.

Enter, the genius tip of the day! When cutting watermelon, either lay your cutting board on top of a cookie sheet (that has an edge to it) OR cut your watermelon ON the cookie sheet. The edge provides just enough of a lip that the watermelon juice stays contained until you’re done and definitely reduces the stickiness of everything. SUCH a great idea if you ask me. =)

*Image from Premeditated Leftovers.com

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