Tuesday Tips & Tricks: kids toys, keep it simple

23 Aug

So as a first time parent, as my son is about to turn one, I’ve learned one interesting fact about kids toys. Less is almost always more and sometimes the cheapest toys  make the best ones! (and things that aren’t toys work great too!)

For example, for our trip to the beach, I purchased a handful of new toys and only brought them out for our plane rides. I though I was doing something genius to keep our kiddo entertained with something new and yet on every single flight, his favorite entertainment was a water bottle that he could crinkle and gnaw on. Just goes to show you that sometimes the simplest things (even things that aren’t meant to be a toy) can work great. Now that water bottle wasn’t the safest since he could potentially swallow the cap but he did okay since I was sitting right next to him on the plane and could watch his every move. I did insist that he play with it upside down instead of putting the cap in his mouth and he was fine with that.

We don’t have a ton of toys in our house but what we do have I like to rotate around, a few toys that hang out in his bedroom will move in the living room and vice versa. This way he’s still interested and really appreciates all the toys he has.

One Response to “Tuesday Tips & Tricks: kids toys, keep it simple”

  1. Kids Toys August 24, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Awesome post, We just aquired some toys for my girls and they are really loving them.

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