{Free sample}: Zantac – While supplies last!

20 Aug

So if you’ve never had heart burn, you should consider yourself lucky! I too, was one of the lucky ones who never really ever had heart burn until I was pregnant. It was my birthday and the hubby and I enjoyed a fabulously delicious meal at the Melting Pot. (If you’ve never been it’s an entire fondue meal, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, it’s just amazing!) But, as amazing as the food was, it was also very rich, and my pregnant body was having none of it. By 3 am I was woken up by a burning, nausea-inducing pain in my chest/throat and I felt like I was going to die and/or throw up my entire dinner. Never having heart burn before, it took me a little while to wake up, and do some googling before I realized what I was experiencing was heart burn.

All was solved after a trip to the doc and some wiser eating choices, as well as a pregnancy  friendly dose of Zantac. I wasn’t crazy about taking medications while pregnant but it helped my symptoms and allowed me to get some much-needed sleep before our little one arrived. The heart burn went away and I still ate carefully but was no longer burping and having such reflux at night and when laying down. All of this to tell you that I’ve got a free sample to offer you today for Zantac! If you have heart burn, I’d strongly recommend this product. It worked wonders for me and hopefully will help you too.

Happy Saturday!

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