Throw out the air freshener, get a plant!

7 Aug

So I found this article in the Seventh Generation newsletter I receive via email and I thought it was worth sharing. I’m new to using Seventh Generation products, but so far I’m enjoying them! You can also become a member (FREE) and receive some of their coupons!

Boston Fern & Other Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality

According to a study performed by NASA, as noted in the book “Naturally Clean” by Seventh Generation founder Jefferey Hollander, the top five plants for improving indoor air are the Boston fern, Areca palm, Lady palm, Bamboo palm, and Rubber plant, in this order.  I recently added some Boston ferns to my apartment and the air quality drastically improved, and much more than provided by the Rubber plants that I already had.  Plants add negative ions to the air, which improve air quality, reduce dust, and improve your sense of well being and your health.

This article here, although a bit more scientific than general reading, provides excellent information about improving indoor air with indoor plants.

In my experience so far, two of the above plants in every room substantially increases the quality of indoor air.  The challenge is to place the plants effectively to avoid cluttering your home.

~~~Do you have any of these plants in your home? We have to be careful with the plants we get in our house since our cats like to eat almost everything green that I try to grow indoors. We have african violets, several christmas cacti and a few other miscellaneous plants that the cats don’t have much interest in, but as soon as I get a new plant the cats inevitably have to taste it. (Which then means barf to be cleaned up, ugh!)

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