The value of gold and the history behind it =)

5 Aug

I thought it would be interesting to share an article & ad for gold today. Two different things but both relating to gold. =)

I found an article online entitled “Gold still shining, but some say plunge possible” (<-click for full article) at the Chicago Tribune online. It was an interesting article that discussed the value of gold being the highest it’s been since 1980! Paragraph(s) directly from the article below:

Investors are feeling braver after hearing various companies, including IBM and Coca-Cola,
deliver reassuring earnings reports, and as President Barack
gave a nod to a deficit-reduction idea offered by a group of six
congressional leaders. It’s far from a done deal, but the prospect of a
political solution gave investors hope that the markets would be spared the
thrashing some expect if the nation’s debt ceiling isn’t lifted before Aug.

Apart from the political news and encouraging earnings reports, it is
not unusual for gold to take a breather after a huge surge, and gold’s recent
10-day climb has been the most powerful since 1980. Prior to Tuesday, the price
had swelled about 7 percent this month.

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And just for fun, click here for the History of Gold

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