Product review & coupon: Sally Hansen Nail Polish

5 Aug

PRODUCT REVIEW: Sally Hansen Crackle

So a few weeks ago I purchased a new Sally Hansen nail polish and the first time I tried it I really didn’t get it…it didn’t look cool like it did in the packaging at the store, and it didn’t look like what I thought it was supposed to. My first reaction was, well that’s $6.50 wasted on blue nail polish!

Yesterday I decided to try it again and see how it looked. I figured, okay, maybe I’m not doing it right or something…sure enough I was applying it wrong. Strange to think of being able to apply nail polish wrong but it was called Crackle nail polish for a reason. You put one layer of a different color on as a base and then you paint the Crackle color over top. The result is pretty cool. As it dries, it starts to crack and form fissures in the top coat to reveal whatever color you put underneath.

The first time I tried it, I just used clear as a base coat, which didn’t show through at all making it look like I had nail polish that was old and crusty peeling off my nails… The second time I used a sparkly silver color as a base coat and the end product was MUCH better.  It’s fairly simple to use although I wish the applicator brush was a bit larger but even still it goes on easy enough. I tried both a thin and thick coat and the results were pretty cool both ways.

RECOMMEND PRODUCT: Yes, I would recommend this product now that I know how to use it properly! I am looking forward to trying it with other colors as a base coat and seeing how it looks! The crackle top coat also comes in a handful of colors so you have lots of options for both base & top coat.

BUY: I purchased this polish at Walgreens but I believe it’s sold at most places that nail polish is sold. I also saw it at our local Walmart.

COUPON: $1.00 off any Sally Hansen Pedicure Product  <- Click the link for this coupon. I wasn’t able to find a coupon specifically for the Crackle nail polish but check back to and keep looking since they’ve had a few Sally Hansen coupons now!

Click Here to check

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