Saving time as well as money, making the most of your day

1 Aug

Some days I don’t feel like I’ve saved all that much money in my daily spending or whatever we’ve purchased as of late, but I like to think of other ways that I am saving and one of those ways is saving time. It’s usually just little things but I have a few ways that I try to be most efficient and use my time wisely during the day. Especially nap time, I really try to make the most of that hour (or 20 minutes depending on how good a nap day it is!)

I like to prep my salad items (like carrots peeled & chopped, and salad washed & chopped) so when I make hubby lunch it only takes me a few minutes to assemble. I also like to find other ways around the house to be more efficient.  Nap time is probably my most productive time because I can really concentrate on what I want to get done, but I’ve learned a few tricks to maximize that time.  Before I put him down for a nap I try to clean up all his toys and make the house as tidy as I can (with him following behind me making a mess of course), but I like to think of it as a few more minutes I’ve given myself during his nap that I don’t have to spend cleaning up.

During nap time I like to prepare things for dinner as well. Often times veggies need to be washed, chopped or measured. I really enjoy putting on some music in the kitchen and taking my time getting things ready. Then when it’s time for dinner and our little guy is hungry I have much less work to do and can often throw things together pretty quickly. On the good days when he naps twice I’ll often prep things in the morning (and get diapers on the line outside) and then the afternoon nap time is often “me” time. Whether it’s 10 minutes reading on the couch, making my nails presentable or just vegging on the computer, I try to decompress a bit before hubby comes home and it’s time to get dinner on the table, feed the little guy and get him ready for bed. It really helps me have that second wind and enough energy to get through the evening until bedtime.

I’ve also learned to do chores like laundry when my son is awake (instead of wasting precious nap time) because it’s a task I can complete while he’s playing on the floor next to me.  I do this for cleaning things too, if it’s just dishes and wiping off the kitchen counters I can do it while he’s awake, but vacuuming the house and cleaning bathrooms are usually done during nap time. I really find a lot of satisfaction in managing my time well, especially since I’m home all day I really like to have a plan and structure to our day. I’m definitely one of those people that makes lists upon lists and crossing/checking things off that list is so enjoyable.

How do you save time during the day? Do you have tips that help you maximize your free time?

Looking forward to reading your comments when I’m back from vacation!

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