Because it’s the summer, & you can’t have summer time without watermelon! {FREE ebook}

25 Jun

Click below to receive a FREE ebook of watermelon recipes! Impress your friends this summer with some new recipes that are sure to be a hit. =) I think I’m going to try and make a new drink for this summer with watermelon.

Mr. Food - Watermelon Recipe eCookbook

PS. Did you know how good for you watermelon is? I knew it was super refreshing and sweet, which is why I really like it but I came across an article from Beachbody today that totally discussed all the health benefits of eating watermelon!

A litle exerp from their newsletter:

 They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, A, B6, and B1, as well as potassium and magnesium. More importantly, they’re loaded with carotenoids, pigments existing in plants that give them their vibrant colors. Carotenoids also have beneficial effects on those who eat them, including protecting cell walls from free radicals, improving your immune system, and helping to maintain reproductive health.

One of the most prominent carotenoids in watermelon is the cardiovascular-system-enhancing lycopene, which is usually associated with tomatoes, even though watermelon contains a much higher concentration by volume.

Haters sometimes criticize the watermelon for its lack of fiber. While this is true, it’s fairly irrelevant. This fruit is incredibly water- and nutrient-dense, meaning you get a lot of vitamins and minerals for very few calories. One cup, which works out to about a pound of fruit, is only 49 calories.

Furthermore, I defy you to show me anyone who’s ever gotten fat from eating watermelon.

Want to hear more of what Beachbody has to say? Check out my friend Erin’s beachbody page! She’s a beachbody coach and will help you get in shape & lose weight this summer!

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