I’ve got a secret – and it’s a good one…

19 Jun

My secret, although pretty awesome won’t be a secret after this post. 😉 It’s been right out in the open for a while, but most of my blog followers may not even know it. Are you impatient and want me to tell you already? Ok, here goes – I’m on twitter. But that’s not the secret, or it would be a pretty bad one at that!

The secret is that, although I haven’t posted many giveaways on my blog, I’ve posted a TON of them on Twitter. (<-Click if you want to follow me on twitter!) If you’re wondering why I only put them on twitter, the reason is that some of the offers/giveaways/freebies go too fast, and sometimes they just aren’t enough to post about. But, I still want to share all the great things I find. Sometimes I also post them to Facebook if it’s a giveaway, so you should really check ’em both out! =)

Anywho, hope you enjoyed the suspense ;0) Now go find me on Twitter and check out all the giveaways I’ve been tweeting about!

4 Responses to “I’ve got a secret – and it’s a good one…”

  1. Mindie June 19, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    I just wanted to invite you to my link party that runs Friday evening through Sunday. You can link main blog URls, Etsy, Twitter, facebook, give aways, recipes, and crafts!
    Come Strut your Stuff.


  2. melissa June 19, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    ooo i love coupons i have a post on my blog about it 🙂 i came from sunday stalker i didnt see a GFC so i did network blogs


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