Tuesday Tips & Tricks – coupons

10 May

So, this may seem like another very common sense tip but before going grocery shopping I always like to go down my list and see what I don’t have a coupon for.  I will then take just a few minutes to search for a coupon online for whatever product I don’t have a coupon for. This week, I noticed that my husband was out of his daily vitamins and I did not have a coupon. So I popped on the computer, and all I did was google our brand of vitamins and sure enough the One A Day Vitamin site was offering coupons!  There are tons of places online to search for coupons and sometimes just googling the brand you’re looking for will come up with a coupon. Try this before you go grocery shopping next time and see what you find!

Don’t forget to search on facebook too since a lot of companies have coupons and offers on their fan pages!

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