Ways to save on gas

7 May

It comes as no surprise that the price of gas these days isn’t exactly as cheap as it used to be. That being said, even if you drive a less than economical car, there are ways you can minimize your cost and overall spending on gas.

The Maven of Savin has written a great article titled “16  Ways to Save on Gas & Increase Gas Mileage“.  Some of the tips include: driving smarter, using cruise control, driving slower, and reducing unneccessary weight in the car.  These are just a few tips this article provides.  I especially like the links to apps that find the cheapest gas for you on your phone! I always just try to check the prices as I’m out and about doing errands but an app would be much easier to do.

One tip that I try to do every time I go out is to plan my errands before leaving the house. That way I don’t get all the way home and realize I needed to stop somewhere across town when I’m almost home.  It also helps so that I hit up stores that are close together and usually I go the furthest place first then make my way back towards our house.

Thanks Maven of Savin for some great tips!

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