Inexpensive date night

7 Apr

 So I can count how many date nights I’ve had since our little man was born and it turns out we haven’t had too many. It comes down to lots of factors: hubby works long hours, baby is too little to trust with just any babysitter, we’re recently moved and don’t have a lot of close friends, family is far away, and the biggest factor, we’re saving money getting used to our new lifestyle (life with baby on 1 income) instead of spending it on a night out. But let’s face it, mommy & daddy need a night out every once in a while to reconnect, keep their sanity, enjoy each other without spit up, and to just get out of the house.

Here are just a few ideas of how to spend some time with your spouse while still on a budget:

  1. Swap with other parents: If you have friends who have kids, see if they’ll baby sit for you one night and then you can return the favor! Even if you want to go really inexpensive, rent a movie, get some take out, sit on your couch in pjs and drop your little one off at your friends for a few hours! (This also works great if you have a couple to swap baby sitting with and you can do a girls night out (dads on babysitting duty) and then switch and have a guys night out. Not a date night, but still a really good way to have a night out and have free childcare.
  2. Make it a lunch date, or morning date when the kiddos are in school/napping! Can you meet your hubby for lunch near his office? Can he stop home for a cup of coffee? Sometimes even just a few moments of quiet time together is refreshing and enjoyable.
  3. Outdoor adventures: How about some activities during the day that you can do with your spouse enjoying beautiful weather? A lot of times childcare is more expensive for a Friday night than a Saturday day. How about hiking, biking, maybe even a picnic lunch at your local park?
  4. Make it a project date: This one may not sound too fun for you but it’s appealing to me as it’s productive, time spent with your hubby, and hopefully some good conversation as well. Have a big project around the house that you keep putting off or don’t have time for? See if Grandma will watch the kid(s) and tackle a big project with your hubby. Have you been wanting to refinish that bookshelf/table/etc. but never make the time? Tackle it with your hubby and have some fun doing it!
  5. Think small: If your little one is still too little for a babysitter, go on a mini-date, how about grabbing coffee (decaf most likely!) or a dessert. Put your baby down for the night and have a friend come over and hang out. Your little guy/gal won’t even miss you and you and your spouse can enjoy a little quiet time to focus on each other!

Isn’t it funny how once you have some time away from your little one, that you miss them? At least, that’s what I’ve found so far. I’m always egging for a night out or some time to myself but the second I have it, all I can think of is that sweet baby face, the little giggles when I tickle him, and the sweet way he plays with our kitties. (What I don’t focus on is the poopy diapers, the no time to sit down, the needing a break part of me).

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions for an inexpensive date night. I think I’m going to take my own advice and propose one of these to the hubs this week!

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