How do you make coupons work for you?

3 Apr

I’m still fairly new to the world of couponing and I’m definitely not (yet) a super couponer who buys 80 billion items at a store all for $3.95, but I hope to one day get there. For now, I keep all my coupons in an accordion folder – one that fits neatly into my purse/diaper bag. I use coupons mainly for groceries and baby food, but I know there are a lot more coupons out there to be had!  I’ve recently been introduced to the world of coupons to be had at Walgreens.

Each week when I pick up coupon flyers I cut them all out and put them in my accordion folder not only by category, but by what will expire first and what I know I will use first. That way, if I have a coupon for batteries but I know we don’t need any, I’ll hold onto it for a while if it’s not expiring soon. Today on my trip to the grocery store, I saved $7.48 with 5 manufacturer coupons! Not bad for just starting out with this coupon thing.

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